This is the last step. On this page, the goal is to finally create the stock footage items on Experience Africa, and make them available for searching, and purchasing.

A few details are required. 

Price for stock footage

All pricing on Experience Africa starts at 119$. This price point is very competitive and affordable, and provides value for money for buyers, as well as a fair compensation for content creators. Contributors however can, depending on the video resolution and or length, can  specify a higher price point.

Bucket name

This is the name of the bucket you created using the instructions on the Cloud Storage page

Consumer Key & Secret

Kindly request both the Consumer Key and Secret from us. We will generate this key which will allow our systems to know who you are, and thus create the stock items under your account.

After providing the above details, kindly proceed to submit.

Continue to your experience Africa account and your new stock items would have been added, in draft mode.

You may select all or some of them you’re ready to have go public. Don’t forget to update the category, description and or price of the footage accordingly if need be.

Thank you for following through the steps. If there is any feedback and or questions you may have for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

See the contact page for how to get in touch.

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